Residential Services

Trust Indy Water Watchers to be your source of residential pool services. 

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Weekly Services

What does this service entail?

​During your visit with our Certified Pool Operators, we will test the water chemistry, add chemicals as needed, skim the top of the pool, brush the tile line, vacuum the bottom of the pool, clean out pump and skimmer baskets, clean  filtration system, and wind blow any debris off the pool deck. At Indy Water Watchers we will not put our name on anything we are not proud of. We will do whatever it takes to keep your pool clear and clean all summer long.

Weekly Pool Services: $75/Week

Green to Clean

What does this service entail?

​Our Green to Clean Service is perfect for homeowners who typically manage their own chemicals but for some reason the water has gotten out of hand. This service does exactly what the name says. We will take a green, cloudy, out of hand pool and get it back to being clean, clear, and ready for swimmers! 

Our Green to Clean Service is $300, this includes two visits to your pool and all the chemicals we add.

Pool Openings

What does this service entail?

Our pool opening service takes the hassle out of getting your pool back up and running for the summer. We will remove your winter cover, take out all winter plugs, get the pump and filtration system back up and running, skim the top of the pool, balance out your water chemistry, and get your pool heater running if you have one.

Our residential pool opening service is $350 for any residential pool under 35,000 gallons.

Pool Winterizations

What does this service entail?

Our pool winterization service includes skimming the pool, brushing the sides of the pool, backwashing or cleaning out filter, draining pool filter system, blowing out pool lines, adding gizmos to the skimmers, adding antifreeze to the lines, and installing a winter cover if you have one.