Commercial Services

Indy Water Watchers is the premier pool service for commercial pools in Indiana. Our dedicated team of aquatic processionals pride themselves in the work they do. We truly believe Indy Water Watchers fosters an environment that creates the most clean and welcoming facilities in Indiana. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to request a bid.

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Lifeguard Services

​Indy Water Watchers offers life-guarding solutions for various sizes of commercial pools. Our lifeguards are all certified and trained in house by our American Red Cross certified instructors. We recognize the great responsibility we have when on deck and are constantly scanning the pool looking to prevent incidents before they happen.

Our Lifeguards Commitment to Safety

​Every lifeguard upon being hired is taken through an extensive hiring process, we ensure your facility has the best lifeguards in the city. Our commitment to safety is displayed in our weekly training that will occur at your facility. All of our staff participates in our "Skills of the week" training where they are assigned a skill to practice each week. This entails them taking an hour to talk through the skill, practice it hands on, and go over any and all policies and procedures listed for that skill.

Pool Monitor Services

​Our pool monitor service is growing in popularity as many clients realize the true value this service is to their facility. For many facilities they do not require the use of a lifeguard. However, having a uniformed staff member on property bring a sense of safety and peace of mind to all patrons of the pool. Our pool monitors work diligently to enforce pool rules, test water chemistry, clean the pool deck, take out trash, and clean the bathrooms hourly. Hiring Indy Water Watchers to work as a pool monitor at your facility is a big deal to us. We take pride in the work we do and we will not stop until your pool is the safest and most welcoming pool it could be.

Water Chemistry & Pool Maintenance

​At Indy Water Watchers we have a team of Certified Pool Operators and Certified Pool Maintenance Specialists eagerly waiting for the opportunity to service your pool. We take pride in the work we do and believe there is no company in the pool business who can compete with us when it comes to our professional and reliable water chemistry and pool maintenance service.

Vending Machine Services

​At any pool managed by Indy Water Watchers we offer the option for our vending machine services. We place them on property, stock, and maintain every aspect of them. We take pride in having clean and reliable vending machines ready for use each day. All of our vending machines allow for various forms of payment including cash, coins, debit cards, credit cards, and tap to pay.