Pool Maintenance Technician- Greenwood, IN ($17-20/hr & Take Home Vehicle)

Greenwood, United States

As a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) at Indy Water Watchers, you will collaborate closely with your colleagues to ensure the safety, cleanliness, and clarity of the pools under your care. Join our expanding company, offering excellent opportunities for career advancement and the chance to learn from accomplished leaders in the field. We are seeking experienced and exceptional team members who are ready to positively contribute to the success of our organization.

At Indy Water Watchers, we value CPOs who approach their responsibilities with readiness and a proactive "get it done" spirit, thriving in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

This role is highly rewarding, providing you with the satisfaction of knowing you've made a significant difference by ensuring the optimal operation of pool facilities. We expect candidates to be proactive, possess problem-solving skills, and have a passion for learning and refining their skills to perfection. Our work environment encourages continuous learning and growth within your position.

All staff members are required to participate in training sessions throughout the summer at their respective facilities. These sessions cover essential skills, including those learned in the Certified Pool Operator certification program.

Did you know?

Even if you are not currently certified, you can still apply for a CPO position with our company. We are committed to helping you find a class to obtain all the certifications needed for success as a Certified Pool Operator at Indy Water Watchers! Join us and be part of a team dedicated to maintaining safe, clean, and enjoyable pool environments.


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  • Maintain a safe swimming environment for all guests at the pool
  • Respond to any and all emergencies as they arise at the assigned facilities
  • Water Quality Management
  • Equipment Maintenance 
  • Safety and Compliance

Must Have

  • Reliable Transportation
  • Strong work ethic 
  • Ability to collaborate in team settings
  • Positive attitude 

Nice to have

  • Certified Pool Operator Certification
  • Previous work experience
  • American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification

  • Certification in CPR, AED, and First-Aid

Discover the exceptional aspects of the Certified Pool Operator (CPO) position at Indy Water Watchers:

  1. Collaborative Team Environment:
    • Work alongside a team of dedicated and hardworking individuals in a friendly and open atmosphere.
    • Experience the camaraderie of a supportive team committed to excellence in pool operations.
  2. Flexible Schedule:
    • Enjoy the benefits of a flexible work schedule designed to accommodate your needs.
    • Find the work-life balance that suits you, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience.
  3. Management Open to Feedback:
    • Engage with a management team that values your input and actively seeks feedback.
    • Contribute to shaping the workplace environment by sharing your suggestions and ideas.
  4. Real Responsibilities and Challenges:
    • Tackle meaningful responsibilities that contribute to the success of a rapidly evolving company.
    • Embrace challenges that foster personal and professional growth in a dynamic work setting.
  5. Opportunity for Growth:
    • Explore avenues for career advancement within Indy Water Watchers.
    • Seize the chance to enhance your skills and take on new responsibilities as the company continues to grow.
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As a Certified Pool Operator (CPO), your responsibilities may include:

  1. Water Quality Management:
    • Monitor and maintain proper chemical balance in the pool water.
    • Conduct regular water testing to ensure compliance with health and safety standards.
  2. Equipment Maintenance:
    • Inspect and maintain pool equipment, including pumps, filters, and chemical feeders.
    • Address any malfunctions or issues with equipment promptly.
  3. Safety Compliance:
    • Enforce safety rules and regulations to ensure a secure environment for pool users.
    • Conduct routine safety inspections and address any potential hazards.
  4. Record Keeping:
    • Maintain accurate records of water testing results, equipment maintenance, and pool usage.
    • Keep detailed logs of chemical treatments and adjustments.
  5. Emergency Response:
    • Be prepared to respond to emergencies, including providing first aid and coordinating with emergency services when necessary.
    • Conduct regular emergency drills to ensure staff readiness.
  6. Pool Cleaning and Maintenance:
    • Oversee regular cleaning and maintenance of the pool and surrounding areas.
    • Schedule and perform routine pool cleaning tasks, such as skimming and vacuuming.
  7. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Stay informed about and comply with local, state, and federal regulations regarding pool operations.
    • Obtain necessary permits and ensure adherence to health department guidelines.
  8. Training and Education:
    • Provide training to pool staff on safety protocols, water quality management, and emergency response procedures.
    • Stay updated on industry best practices and attend relevant training programs.
  9. Customer Service:
    • Interact with pool users in a courteous and helpful manner.
    • Address customer inquiries and concerns regarding pool operations.
  10. Facility Upkeep:
    • Collaborate with maintenance staff to ensure the overall cleanliness and functionality of the pool facility.
    • Coordinate repairs and improvements as needed.
  11. Communication:
    • Maintain open communication with management, staff, and relevant authorities regarding pool operations.
    • Notify appropriate parties of any issues or concerns promptly.

These responsibilities may vary based on the specific facility and local regulations, but they generally cover the key aspects of managing and maintaining a safe and operational pool.

If you have any questions about the responsibilities of a Certified Pool Operator at IWW please contact us!